Account Payable Automation

Automate your Invoice Approval Process

Pay Faster.

Flexible Workflow

Create workflows for different departments.
Each workflow can have tasks to send mail or send whatsapp message.

Unified Email for receiving Invoice.

When the invoice is sent to inwisely at, It auto detects the department and triggers the corresponding workflow.

Connected App

Users with the App, will be notified on the App as well. Thus making the process much more faster

Gain Insights into your vendor Payments

Report speaks better than words!

Easier Vendor Management

Pay vendors faster and maintain a great relationship.
Eliminate late payments and Be in a position to get Early payment discounts.


Easy peek into the status of bills.

Automate accounts payable process

Remove the manual bottle necks and human error involved in the accounts payable process.

Follow up isn't fun, solving problems is!

Ready to equip your team with Inwisely and Ready to free them up from the burden of doing mundane tasks?