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Meet your Invoice Collection AI

Put your invoice followup on autopilot and be on top of your cash flow.



With inwisely, you can enable AI to follow up just like you on your behalf and help you realize your payments on time!

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Platform You Can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

You or your team can miss out following up for Invoices when you have too many customer Invoice for follow up. But Inwisely won't miss. Our platform provides a robust and reliable way to followup for the invoice and help you realize your payments

02. Cost-Effective

Do not add more members to your AR team, instead empower them with Inwisely and make them 5X productive.

03. Real-Time Analytics

Inwisely provides a clear report and highly accurate information about the invoice status, through our analytics platform. Moreover take data driven decisions with the power of forecasting powered by AI

Followup status of each customer invoices by inwisely

Understand Your
Business Better

If you are dealing with credit, then you need to make sure your payment tracking is spot on. When you extend credit based payment term, then any delay in customer payment can seriously effect business cash flow. Accurate and timely payment follow up becomes absolutely necessary. A consistent delay in realizing the payment can even lead to situations where businesses are forced to die.  




We have seen companies go out of business due to high DSO and we have experienced it first hand. This is merely due to lack of tracking and lack of information. We want to end that.


We want to help customers forget the pain of payment follow up


We use AI that is useful for you. Integrated with ChatGPT, we provide to you with the most intelligent way of payment follow up.



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Sameena Akther

AR Team, Halsimplify

“During just the piloting period with inwisely, we were able to add great value to our customer by making the follow up by collection team effortless and seemless”

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