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Improve cash flow by credit controls and Informed decisions!


Get Paid Faster. 

Accounts Receivable, AR Automation. AI Powered automation tool to help collections and reduce DSO. Do not miss out payment because forgetting to remind. 

Collection automation at best!

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Pay Faster.

Accounts Payable, AP Automation. A no learning curve tool which accepts Invoices from suppliers and executes the workflow to automate payment.

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Accounting GPT

Android and iOS mobile app connected to your accounting tool, to:

  • Chat GPT for your accounting tool.
  • AR Tracking
  • AP approvals

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Operations Management

Manage your operations without the involvement of manual process

  • Optimized routing
  • Efficient logistics and reverse logistics coupling
  • Kanban view of orders and deliveris

100% Secure

We encrypt the data and use up to date technologies without any vulnerabilities.


We onboard you in a call and have in app support. We are here whenever you need us!


Our platform is robust and has high availability with very low latency.


We have integrated with almost all the popular accounting tools, for butter smooth on boarding and user experience

Changing the world is possible. We’ve done it before.


Shaping the Future of Accounting, One Solution at a Time.

At Inwisely, we're breaking Excel's chains, liberating finance departments globally with our AI-powered platform.

Our Mission:

We're here to help businesses conquer cash flow challenges caused by credit management issues, a journey inspired by the struggles of close friends.

Why Us?

In a world shifting from bulky accounting teams to agile, tech-empowered ones, Inwisely pioneers the change. Join us in redefining the future of accounting.

Empower. Innovate. Thrive.

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Reduce all the churns or missed opportunity because of the human nature of forgetfulness.