Close Deals Faster

Automated quotation reminders.

Focus on quotation and not followup.

Integrate seamlessly

Inwisely integrates with 16+ tools and picks up Quotations created in your Accounting tools, and follow up effortlessly without manual Intervention.

Personalized Workflows

Choose specific workflows for different customers based on the nature of the customer or the quotations.

AI powered

AI-powered quotation follow-up.

Auto generate content and Auto categorize.
Inwisely categorizes quotations into accepted, rejected and needs modification categories based on user replies.

Transform Q2C process and Empower your team.

Great team needs great tools.

Save your team's time

Free the time your team spends on tracing the quotations and their status. Also eliminate the time your team spends on following up for the quotation sent. Choose the Sales automation tools.

Mail status

Worried whether the mail was opened? Worry not Inwisely provides status of mails.

Guaranteed reply

All the follow up mails will be sent in your email Id, thus maintaining a reply probability of 90%


Integrate with you current accounting system.


In Inwisely, create workflows for Quotation followup.


Create Quotation in your accounting tools and that gets followed up.


Receive payments of the quotation to seal the deal.

*In case of Quotation needing any modification or Quotation that was declined, It will be tagged correspondingly

Can AI help close more deals? Yes!

Free up sales reps for closing deals and Boost sales productivity, Close more deals faster.