Zoho, Inwisely Integration

A Perfect Match to Boost Your Cash Flow!


As a business owner, you know the pain of chasing payments from your customers. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when it affects your cash flow. But what if we told you that you could drastically reduce the time it takes to collect payments and improve your cash flow, all with a simple integration?

Introducing Inwisely's integration with Zoho Books – a powerful tool that can help you speed up your payment collection process and make it more efficient.

Here's how it works: With Inwisely’s integration with Zoho Books, you can automatically send summary of invoices to your customers, right from your own email account, whenever you create an Invoice in Zoho Books. This email will go with a "Pay Now" link, making it easy for your customers to pay you quickly. Inwisely can keep sending emails on your behalf to your customers until they make the payment. As soon as your customer makes a payment, the Zoho Books invoice will be updated as "paid," along with the right ledger impacts.

This integration not only streamlines your billing process but also eliminates the manual work of tracking payments and updating invoices. With Zoho Books’ bank reconciliation feature, you can easily match your payments with your bank statement, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

If you're a Zoho Books user, you're already familiar with its powerful accounting features. Now, with Inwisely's seamless integration, you can take your accounting to the next level and improve your cash flow. Faster payments mean better cash flow, which means a better bottom line for your business.

Inwisely’s integration with Zoho Books can provide businesses with a simple and powerful solution to streamline invoicing and boost your cash flow by automating payment collection. It's time to take control of your accounts receivable and improve your business's financial health.

Get started with Inwisely and Zoho Books today, and see the difference it can make to your business.

QuickBooks, Inwisely Integration
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